Play allows us the space to improvise, imagine, and follow those new inclinations to see what happens. Through play we stumble onto new (to us), patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting in the world. These new patterns offer us new ways of being and connecting with other people.”   –Dr, Stuart Brown, Founder, National Institute for Play

Dr. Browns’ words seem prophetic.  In this moment , the world, as we know it, has closed its doors and cracked open new windows so that we may take stock — not only of what lies in a test tube or on the shelves in grocery stores — but also what is stored in our hearts and minds.  It is a time to make new patterns — to improvise, imagine, and follow our intuition into new territory.  So, LifePlay House is taking a temporary hiatus to develop new online programs.

LifePlay House is designed for connection. We engage universal principles, share ideas, and manifest intentions through play.   Such play may include close encounters.  We touch a person to designate him/her as “It.”  We stand eye-to-eye to see the soul. We whisper in an ear. We hoist someone onto a horse. It is fun to congregate and playfully connect through mind, heart, and body. Even with six foot limits on physical closeness, we stand together through imagination.  

The Italians show us how to create playful connections.  Many of you may remember the movie, “Life is Beautiful.”  In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp,  an Italian Jew, Guido, imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize is a tank.  His vivid powers of invention turned fear into fun. .  Today, while quarantined in their homes by a global pandemic, Italians are singing from their windows and balconies and connecting in new ways!  In fact, their voices are being heard ’round the world.

LifePlay House peers at the challenges of life through the window of Intentional play; because play lifts our burdens and makes us smile. Our genre of play engages individuals and organizations in awakening to new possibilities, creating them through play, and manifesting them as positive experiences. Outlooks shift in a beneficial way.

So, during our hiatus, I invite you to shift your outlook and play a game with me. Imagine that Life is Beautiful, that we, as emanations of One Life, are already connected, and that the grand prize for loving beyond differences is universal healing.  When the pandemic subsides, LifePlay House will again offer in-person PlayShops.

All Love!  All Joy!

Rev. Ann Thacker, Founder, President & CEO


Dare to Inspire

Are you expressing and celebrating YOUR uniqueness?  Would you like to feel more inspired?

LifePlay House inspires individuals and organizations by serving as a catalyst for optimism as they move through change.  Using the three P’s of inspired action (creative principles, intentional play, and affirmative practices), we evoke your playful nature and draw forth personal and collective wisdom. Our curricula of Corporate and Individual PlayShops as well as Life-Skills Classes are designed to reveal your highest and best expressions, manifest your life-affirming intentions, and anchor you in optimism.

Benefits of LifePlay House Programs

Our imaginative programs offer you new ways of looking at challenging events and creating the experiences you desire. We invite you to activate inner resources, in a safe and fun environment, and create processes that effectively move you through adversity. Our Speakers, who have thrived in the midst of changes in their own lives, inspire you to explore new, limitless possibilities for living.

Benefits for Individuals

We inspire people of all ages who are undergoing change to realize balance and fulfillment.  In our program, you actively reveal your inner desires, anchor them through intentional play, and embody greater creativity and enthusiasm.

Benefits for Organizations

Thriving in any organization depends on the ability of its team members to flourish. Creative thoughts that envision new ideas, collaborative action, and enduring prosperity assure that your organization succeeds.  What better way to encourage affirmative thinking than through intentional play!  Our Corporate PlayShops support organizations by inspiring their team members to spiritedly embrace change with poise and self-assurance and to find pleasure in collective success.  Learn more and register.


Led by Love… a world that works for everyone, thrives in the midst of change, and cherishes intentional play as a means of evolving.


We dare to awaken global unity by activating the playful, creative natures of individuals and organizations.


Through PlayShops, we support individuals and organizations to negotiate change using intentional play as a stimulus for progress.

(Note:  Intentional Play is play WITH a purpose and WITHOUT a definitive outcome. Because there is no winning or losing, it is not competitive.)


Inspiring Individuals


LifePlay House offers you tools for activating intentional living. Our Philosophy supports you to express and celebrate your uniqueness throughout all stages of life. We believe life-changing experiences (both positive and negative) lead us to new understandings of our own desires and increase our beneficial presence in the world. We believe that intentional play deepens inner wisdom.

We believe there are invisible Creative Principles that govern our existence.  We can learn to use them by combining conscious intention with playful action, In so doing, we achieve greater personal success and promote global unity.

We believe that we deserve:

  • the freedom to play with these principles in an encouraging environment;
  • the safety to open to renewal;
  • the trust to appreciate new possibilities; and,
  • the authenticity to create from inner desire.

When we accept the freedom, safety, trust, and authenticity that is our birthright, there is little need for counseling or coaching.


Are your team members challenged by change?  Would you like to inspire them to thrive in the midst of transformations?  Our Corporate Programs serve your organization by renewing team members’ personal enthusiasm, self-assurance, and trust.  When they are successful, you are successful.

We support interfaith centers, schools, businesses, alternative living facilities, and veterans organizations. Collaboration with organizations that share our vision, mission and purpose leads to collective success.

If our existing Classes and Corporate PlayShops can benefit your organization, CLICK HERE to register your team members.  You may choose a Corporate Mini PlayShop to enhance a meeting or seminar or one of our Full PlayShops for conferences, training sessions, or Board Member events.  If you are looking for something specific to your organization, we can design a class, PlayShop or event that responds to your needs.  Please contact us for information about a custom event. 


Our spellbinding Speakers are ordinary individuals who have done extraordinary things.  They inspire their audiences to see possibilities even in dire circumstances; because they dare to imagine their wildest dreams coming true.  CLICK HERE for our Schedule of Upcoming Speakers