Do You Accept That YOU are a Gift?

At LifePlay House, we serve as attentive listeners and guides as you open the gift that is YOU and create greater possibilities for your life and your organization.  To quote author and philosopher, Ernest Holmes, “Involution precedes evolution,”   We involve you in intentional play to kindle the inner fire that enlivens you. You dissolve old stories and evolve into new, affirmative ones using the three “P’s” of inspired action: Creative Principles, Intentional Play, and Affirmative PracticesMost of all, you gain a deeper understanding of your authentic self, your talents, and your beneficial presence in this world.

There is no counseling or coaching — just the freedom to thrive in an encouraging environment; the safety to open to renewal; the trust to appreciate new possibilities, and the authenticity to create from inner desire.


Through fee-based, action-oriented Corporate PlayShops and Individual PlayShopsknowledge-centered Life-Skills Classes  and inspirational Speakers, you can:

  • Awaken to invisible creative principles that work FOR you rather than against you.
  • Manifest, through intentional play, a positive demonstration of these principles in your experience.
  • Gain tools for practicing affirmative self-realization and proving that YOU ARE A STAR!

There are a variety of CREATION STATIONS where you can discover the creative genius within you:

  • keyboards and instruments to create music;
  • potter’s wheels, sketch pads, paints, canvases and easels for art projects;
  • computers for graphic design, fashion design, photo editing; and writing;
  • a small theater for improvisation and performance art;
  • cameras and computers for videos, photography, and video editing;
  • wood, clay, and stones for sculptures,
  • metal, gems, and beads for jewelry design;
  • a kitchen to create culinary masterpieces;
  • material, thread and a sewing machine to design quilts or garments; and
  • construction materials for masonry, furniture design, and cabinetry.


Do you accept that YOU are empowered to thrive in the midst of change?  We unite you, individually or as a corporate team member, with loving LifePlay House facilitators.  They inspire YOU to activate your innate Creative Genius.  Through intentional play, you unleash YOUR creative nature, grow in awareness, and empower yourself to meet the challenges of life with poise and joy.  Supported corporations include:  interfaith spiritual centers, schools, businesses, alternative living centers, and veterans’ facilities.

During the creative process, YOU may design or invent new things.  YOU may display your creations in the LifePlay House GALLERY or sell them in our Shop.