Corporate PlayShops

“We should EXPECT THE BEST, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience.”
-Ernest Holmes


Why Does My Organization Need PlayShops?


Thriving in any organization depends upon the ability of its team members to flourish.  Your organization succeeds when three things happen:  team members envision new ideas, collaborative action occurs, and belief in prosperity endures.  What better way to encourage a climate of positive thinking than through intentional play!   An hour or two of laughing  and playing together builds more camaraderie than a whole day of manager-led team building exercises. That’s why it makes perfect sense that many executives play golf.

Playing golf is “intentional play;” because the golfer sets a mental intention as to the direction and distance the ball must travel to go in the hole. The stronger the intention, the closer to the hole the ball arrives. Our Corporate PlayShops engage participants in setting and focusing on affirmative intentions until they are achieved. They enhance team creativity and camaraderie.

What follows is an OVERVIEW of available Corporate PlayShops.  There is at least one that is perfect for your team.  Or, we are happy to customize a PlayShop for you.  All Corporate PlayShops are based on a minimum of six participants. Some also have maximums. For more detailed information, please visit our CORPORATE PLAYHOPS REGISTER page or feel free to contact us. 

Smaller organizations may wish to consider our Individual PlayShops which are similar in nature.

What is Play?

Play is a state of consciousness that is profoundly delightful and temporarily transports us out of time and space.  It is free of rules, mistakes, and evaluations and supports our creative thinking. Through play we express our innermost yearnings and talents.

While there are infinite forms of play, there are four that are specific to LifePlay House:

  1. MindPlay which is thinking to expand knowledge.
  2. HeartPlay which is sensing the world to heighten intuition.
  3. BodyPlay which is moving the body to amplify action.
  4. SoulPlay which is aligning with creative principles to empower our lives.

What Is the Difference Between a Workshop and PLAYSHOP?


A workshop is intense focus on a previously identified task or target.  It engages the thoughts and imaginations of participants to achieve a specific goal.  Participants direct their efforts toward working with ideas to achieve a predefined mission.  In a workshop, the intention is predetermined.


A PlayShop has no predefined task or mission.  It engages the imagination, the heart, the body, and the soul to consider all available possibilities for choices.  Participants direct their energies toward playing with possibilities and choosing those that birth greater fulfillment and assure success.  In a PlayShop, intentions are created by participants.

Corporate Mini PlayShops

Mini PlayShops are abridged PlayShops of two hours or less that serve your organization by renewing team members’ personal enthusiasm in the face of change.  As an added attraction for meetings, board luncheons, and special events, they connect team members through intentional play. All PlayShops are based upon a minimum of six participants.

A Taste of Laughter

Offers the gift of intentional laughter and builds self-confidence.

A Taste of Style

Offers the gift of creative expression and builds imaginative teams.  

A Taste of Silence

Offers the gift of observation and deeper connections which lead to collective success.  

A Taste of Balance

Offers the gifts of poise and equilibrium supporting team members to remain unflappable in a storm.

A Taste of Good

Offers the gifts of optimism and dependability as team members embrace change as something good.

A Taste of Harmony

Offers the gift of accord as team members play together to achieve positive results.

Corporate Full PlayShops

Full PlayShops of three hours or more serve your organization by using intentional play to bridge differences and unite teams . Through collaborative action, consideration of new ideas, and a sense of prosperity, team members become reoriented toward  collective success.

Offered for board or management retreats, conferences, team building sessions, leadership activities, and recognition events, they reanimate team members. These PlayShops also require a minimum of six participants and some have maximums. Please see our CORPORATE PLAYSHOPS REGISTER PAGE for a full description.

Corporate Sparking Collaborative Action:
A PlayShop for Coaching, Cultivating and Collaborating


Corporate Loving Your Self-Talk:  
A PlayShop for Creating Self-Assurance
Corporate See It-Create It-Live It:
A PlayShop for Creating Intentions


 Corporate Perfect Balance
A PlayShop for Equalizing Ups and Downs


Corporate Trusting Your Inner Voice:
A PlayShop for Growing the Inner YOU

  Corporate Masquerade Improv: 
A PlayShop for Spontaneous Creation

Corporate Letting Your Body Speak
A PlayShop For Learning the Language of Silence
Corporate Laughter Play
Harmonizing Mind, Heart, Body & Soul


Corporate Getting Unstuck
A PlayShop for Creating Leaders


Corporate In the Presence of Love:
One-On-One Play with Horses