What is Play?

Play is a state of consciousness that is profoundly delightful and temporarily transports us out of time and space.  It is free of rules, mistakes, and evaluations.  When we play, we are free to express our innermost longings and talents.

While there are infinite forms of play, there are four that are specific to LifePlay House: 

  1. MindPlay which is thinking to expand knowledge.
  2. HeartPlay which is sensing the world to heighten intuition.
  3. BodyPlay which is moving the body to amplify action.
  4. SoulPlay which is aligning with creative principles to empower our lives.


What Is the Difference Between a Workshop and PLAYSHOP?


A workshop is intense focus on a previously identified task or target.  It engages the thoughts and imaginations of participants to achieve a specific goal.  Participants direct their efforts toward working with ideas to achieve a predefined mission.  In a workshop, the intention is predetermined.


A PlayShop has no predefined task or mission.  It engages the imagination, the heart, the body, and the soul to consider all available possibilities for life choices.  Participants direct their energies toward playing with possibilities and choosing those that are enriching and fun to bring into their lives.  In a PlayShop, the intention is created by participants.


We invite you to make new friends, engage your intuition, and select the perfect Individual, public PlayShop for you!  If you prefer a more private venue among colleagues,  schedule a date and time for a private PlayShop for your special occasions, service and meetup groups,  professional groups, community groups, and associations.   Learn more about each PlayShop on our INDIVIDUAL PLAYSHOPS REGISTER Page.



Loving Your Self-Talk:  
A PlayShop for Creating Self-Love
See It-Create It-Live It:
A PlayShop for Creating Intentions

Trusting Your Inner Voice:
A PlayShop for Growing the Inner YOU

        Masquerade Improv: 
A PlayShop for Spontaneous Creation

Letting Your Body Speak
A PlayShop in the Language of Silence
Laughter Play
Harmonizing Mind, Heart, Body and Soul


Perfect Balance
A PlayShop for Equalizing Ups and Downs


Getting Unstuck
A PlayShop for Creating Acceptance.


In the Presence of Love:
One-On-One Play with Horses