Application Guidelines

This application will be used to evaluate and slate speakers into the most appropriate LifePlay House Speakers and Events program.  A completed Application is necessary for consideration.

Your Audience

LifePlay House serves individual team members and constituents of interfaith spiritual organizations, schools, businesses, alternative/ living facilities and veterans organizations who are undergoing life-altering events.  It also serves individuals who wish to partake of our services.

Speaker Guidelines

Please review the LifePlay House Guidelines for Speakers before you submit your application.

Review Process

Applications are reviewed and approved by the LifePlay House Board of Trustees. There is no limit on the number of proposals a potential speaker may submit for consideration.

All submissions will receive notification by email of the status of their proposal within two weeks of submission. If changes are desirable, they will be discussed at that time.

LifePlay House welcomes all races, creeds, colors, gender, ages, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientations and those differently abled.  Upon selection speakers are asked to enter into a speaker agreement with LifePlay House which describes the terms of their engagement.