Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded upon the three P’s of inspired action: Creative Principles, Intentional Play, and Affirmative Practices.

We believe there are creative principles of life that govern human existence; and when individuals and organizations intentionally align with them, they achieve greater personal success and global enlightenment.

We believe that people are designed to express and celebrate their uniqueness throughout all stages of life and that intentional play deepens their inner wisdom.

We believe life-changing experiences (both positive and negative) lead people to new understandings of their true meaning and purpose and increase their beneficial presence in the world.

We believe in empowering self-Intelligence, trusting and engaging in a creative vision, and applying affirmative self-realization practices because these activities effect positive change and confirm our highest and best mode of being.

We believe that people who are given the freedom to thrive in an encouraging environment; the safety to open to renewal; the trust to appreciate new possibilities; and the authenticity to create from inner passion, have little need for counseling or coaching. The focus of our skilled facilitators is to honor and appreciate the Creative Genius within every PlayShop participant. They anchor them in optimism; assure they, and their intentions, are seen, heard and valued, and offer practical tools for inspiring and sustaining an inspired life.

We believe that affiliation with interfaith spiritual organizations, schools, businesses, alternative living facilities,and veterans’ centers makes LifePlay House a home for all humanity.

Creative Principles

What is a creative principle?  It is an invisible, basic truth that generates a system of beliefs or a chain of reasoning which guides and influences our actions.  It is a creative force that we can play with and consciously use to enhance our lives.  Below are the nine guiding principles used by LifePlay House.

Life Principle

We believe there is One Life Principle — one invisible, absolute power that corresponds to our thinking about it.  All life, including human life, is unique, individualized emanations of this one principle and infused with the energy of consciousness.



We believe Consciousness is an invisible ocean of infinite possibilities that we experience as we manifest them. When we are aware of the triune field of Consciousness within us, we can use it to guide our lives.

Creative Nature

We believe thoughts reside in Consciousness and are powered by conviction and belief.  They are creative, in nature, and manifest in human experience. We create and recreate our lives every day by choosing our thoughts, speaking our word, and powering it with belief!

Flow of Good

We believe cosmic well-being (Good) is eternally available in relation to our willingness to receive and accept it. When we turn our hearts and eyes toward Good, we consciously step into its constant flow.


We believe there is a perfect whole that embraces all seeming opposites, units, and components. Therefore, each human being may freely choose from all possible experiences; for they all exist within the whole of consciousness. When our choices result in contentment, we feel fulfilled; and when they result in discontent, we suffer.

Limitless Abundance

We believe human beings partake of limitless cosmic generosity. There is an infinite storehouse of treasures surrounding and within us that cannot be depleted. Abundance is our birthright.

Perfect Balance

We believe everything in Nature tends to equalize itself to maintain true balance. Tides ebb and flow, suns rise and set, electrons repel and attract. We humans experience these cycles as giving and receiving, cause and effect, truth and justice, and attraction and resistance.

Cosmic Harmony

We believe each moment of Now is complete and perfect within itself. In the Now, there is justice without judgment. We live in the Now when we forgive ourselves, and others; because forgiveness releases the past and future and creates harmony.

Never-Ending Life and Laughter

We believe that the source energy of life, while neither created nor destroyed, can change form.  Physics supports this belief by demonstrating that chemical energy can convert to kinetic energy.  There are many forms of source energy. Sound energy is associated with the vibration of matter; and we believe its resonance is laughter…the infinite universal language.

Intentional Play

We believe play is a powerful creative force. Intentional Play is play WITH a purpose and WITHOUT a definitive outcome. Because there is no winning or losing, it is not competitive. When we learn to use creative principles and anchor them in play, our intentions come to life. Participants play at Creation Stations by setting intentions to foster their goals and creating something representative of their intention.  This act of creation anchors a positive demonstration in their lives.

All creations may be displayed or sold through the LifePlay House Shop and Gallery.

Affirmative Practices

We believe thoughts, powered by conviction and belief, are creative in nature and manifest in human experience. Participants empower their convictions by anchoring new possibilities through affirmative practices. Intentions can be affirmed in writing, spoken aloud, created in substance at creation stations, and nurtured with gratitude and trust. These are the tools that anchor self-assurance during times of change.

We believe that when we recognize the Life Principle at work in our lives and align ourselves with it, we realize our innermost desires. Gratefully, we then center ourselves in acceptance..